The beginning of the school year could be overwhelming.

You might have crafted a well thought out list of new resolutions to achieve, but right now you feel like your dreams are overreaching and unrealistic. Don’t be discouraged. Remember, your goals are valid and achievable.

We are offering some tips…

Open banking is when banks provide access to the user’s financial data to third parties with the user’s consent. Open banking aims to stimulate competition and innovation among companies, therefore, improving customer experience.

When banks share user data, they do it through the API technology.

An API (application programming interface)…

Image by Natallia Babrovich via ScienceSoft

Fintech, short for Financial Technology, is the use of technology to improve existing financial products/services and also create more efficient ones. Fintech has transformed how consumers interact with and react to financial products and services.

Initially, this technology served the traditional financial establishments like banks and trading firms but in…


We are a marketplace connecting Africans at home and abroad, to the financial services that enable them to meet their obligations, affordably and conveniently.

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