Back To School: How Kaoshi Supports Your Dreams

3 min readSep 25, 2021

The beginning of the school year could be overwhelming.

You might have crafted a well thought out list of new resolutions to achieve, but right now you feel like your dreams are overreaching and unrealistic. Don’t be discouraged. Remember, your goals are valid and achievable.

We are offering some tips that will help you achieve those dreams.

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  • Set a goal

There is a difference between a goal and a relaxed- everyday improvement plan.

Just because you decide to read a new book every week doesn’t automatically make that a goal. A true goal could be having a list of books you want to read to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Achieving this requires careful planning, motivation and discipline. That’s what makes it a goal.

Before you set a goal, make a list of what you want to achieve and be sure that it is important to you and that you will do the grunt work- put in hours and effort to see it through.

  • Manage your finances

You should learn how to manage your money as a student.

At first, the idea of creating a budget might seem overwhelming, but it can be done. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you will live a boring life, devoid of fun. It means you can have fun and still pay your bills. So take out time and think of all the living expenses you are responsible for each week.

If you ever run out of money or just need to boost your bank account, remember that family and friends in Nigeria can send you money anytime, with Kaoshi. The rates are great and fees are low. You can even send yourself money from your Naira account with ease. Because of you, we have made international money transfers easy, affordable and convenient.

  • Challenge yourself

Learn to accept what life throws at you.

You may not have your support system- family, friends or close associates at your beck and call, to help you scale through academic hurdles. Even if they were available, they might not know how to walk you through your present life situation as a student. You need to grow a thick skin to absorb all the academic challenges and stressors that come with being a student. Stressors like- poor time management, debt, depression, homesickness, difficulty making new friends and so on.

  • Be Open to Feedback

Who doesn’t enjoy a pat on the back for a job well done?

Scoring high on a presentation, a term paper or a project is every student’s dream. Many may find constructive feedback hard to take, especially if they think it is discriminatory or irrelevant. If you perceive critical feedback as a threat, you may be blocking an opportunity to learn and improve on yourself.

To enjoy the benefit of feedback, you should learn to be open to suggestions and recommendations from your professors and peers.

We wish you a successful school year.

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