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Care to share, Share to care: Introducing Our Exciting New Referral Program!

“Do you remember Kaoshi? The app I use to swap currencies and also buy USD into my USD domiciliary account with naira for savings? They have just launched a game-changing referral program….” Osita said.

Welcome to the world of Kaoshi and our groundbreaking referral program; Agent Feature where we're not just providing you with the tools to buy, sell and exchange different currencies; we're unlocking a world of opportunities for you and your referrals. E choke.

Tosin and Zainab are university roommates and have to take an evening stroll to their street Bukka to get food. They have been hungry for hours but are strapped for cash and decide to try their luck hoping to meet a good samaritan. Just as they’re about to go in, they see Osita, a friend of theirs.

“Osita, so, in this economy, this is where you come to enjoy a whole plate of Rice and Chicken with Hollandia” teased Tosin. “You’ve been flexing recently o, drop something for the girls” she added smiling alongside Zainab. Osita, who was halfway through his meal, smiled and beckoned them to make their orders.

“But wait Osita, don’t just give us fish, teach us how to fish. How do you make all this money?” Zainab whispered to Osita. He laughed and said, “Do you remember Kaoshi? The app I use to swap currencies and also buy USD into my USD domiciliary account with naira for savings? They have just launched a game-changing referral program. Now, every time you bring a new member into the fold, the person gets to complete their transaction with a smooth experience and I earn too. You buy any currency with naira and I get a percentage.”

“So, you’re saying if I meet Mama Chibuzor and invite her to use Koashi to send money to Chibuzor in the U.S, I get a percentage?” Asked Zainab surprised. “100 percent.” replied Osita. “Wow. I'm definitely inviting Iya Sikira on my street. She’s been looking for a secure way to send money to Sikira abroad. She’s safe and I earn. So, like this, they’re paying me to share happiness? Thank you Osita.” said Tosin happily.

Discovering a World of Benefits

As we take a deep dive into the enticing possibilities of our new referral program; Agent Feature, you'll find that it's not just about earning a percentage of the fees paid by your referrals. It's about building a community of enthusiasts who share your passion and curiosity.

Getting Started: How Agent Feature Works

1. Osita has been using Kaoshi to send money abroad for a while and he tells Tosin about this wonderful opportunity,

2. Tosin creates a new account on Kaoshi using the referral link provided by Osita during the referral.

3. Tosin creates a post on Kaoshi, and pays a transaction fee. This post gets matched and completed with all parties satisfied.

4. Kaoshi calculates the referral fee based on 2.5% of the transaction fee paid by Tosin.

5. Kaoshi credits the referral fee, which is equal to 2.5% of the transaction fee paid by Tosin, to Osita's account.

Simple and Smooth. No wahala inside the matter.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

The journey of unlocking rewards through our new referral program promises not only financial benefits but also the joy of introducing others to something you genuinely love. It's an opportunity to build connections, share experiences, and grow together.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, share your unique referral link, and embark on this exciting adventure with Kaoshi. Together, we'll explore new horizons, make new friends, and enjoy the sweet taste of success, one referral at a time.

Stay tuned for more in-depth insights, success stories, and tips to make the most of our referral program. Welcome to a world where sharing is caring, and caring comes with rewards.

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