Win Big in the Kaoshi Ramadan/ Easter Promo

3 min readApr 12, 2022


Spring is the season of renewal! It is the time for very important religious observances for both Muslims and Christians across the world, and we wish all our customers and followers Ramadan Mubarak and Happy Easter respectively.

It is also the season for showing love and charitable giving, so to reward our customers and followers this season, we announced the start of our sweepstake promo where you stand a chance to win amazing prizes including Cash Prizes up to $1,000 🤩, Apple iPads/Samsung galaxy tabs, Airpods/Samsung Galaxy buds, and Apple/Samsung watches for completing transfers on Kaoshi OR referring customers to use Kaoshi to send money to or from Nigeria and Ghana.

The raffle is split into two categories. Please click on the links below to learn more about the entry requirements for each category:

As if you need more motivation to participate 🤷🏾, watch two winners from the Xmas/New Year edition share their experience participating and winning in the raffle (click on the links below):

Category 1: Kaoshi Users

This raffle category is for Kaoshi users who complete transfers this season and post testimonials on social media. To enter the promo here are the instructions:
- Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
- Post a screenshot of your completed transfer (see example above) tagging #KaoshiSpringRaffle.
- The more screenshots you post, the more raffles you receive. Receive an extra raffle entry per social media channel you post on.

Category 2: Kaoshi Referrers

This raffle category is for anyone who refers Kaoshi to their friends or loved ones. To enter the promo here are the instructions:

- Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
- Tag a friend or loved one as a reply to our raffle post on any of our social media pages (see example above) and encourage them to use Kaoshi. Include the hashtag #KaoshiRaffle
- You get a raffle ticket for every person you refer that actually uses Kaoshi
- The person you referred and uses Kaoshi is also not left out! They will be entered into the Kaoshi Easter/Ramadan User Raffle and will receive raffle entries for all transactions they perform within the promo period.

We’re rooting for you and looking forward to those entries. Hurry!

Promo ends May 31st, 2022

  • Terms and conditions apply.

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